Dive – Sites

Madeira Divepoint boasts its own private reef directly in front of the Hotel. The reef has numerous canyons and caves which one can dive through, and is home to many different types of fish. The reef is a prime location for fun dives, night dives and education dives.

Diver on the house-reff
Cave on the house-reef

With our very comfortable aluminium boat what has been designed for divers we can easily reach all the unique dive sites in a short time.

Madeira Divepoint Boat
Madeira Divepoint Boat

Club Naval: (Boat trip 10min.)
Numerous canyons at a maximum depth of 21 meters and abundant aquatic life.

Moray eel

Wreck Pronto: (Boat trip 5 min.)
An old cargo ship which sank in 1929 lies on the bottom at a depth of 32 meters allowing sightings of big fish.

Wreck Pronto
Wreck Pronto

Wreck Bowbelle (Bom Rei): (Boat trip 45 min.)
90 m wreck with nice penetrations and plenty of fish.
After a tragic history 1989 on the river Thames in London it worked as a sand dredger around Madeira. It sunk in 1996 and sits upright at a max depth of 30 meters.

Wreck Bowbelle
Wreck Bowbelle

Underwater nature reserve:


Garajau: (Boat trip 15 min.)
A popular area for diving, with numerous types of fish in abundance. As this area is rather large a variety of dives possible. Only 15 minutes away from the dive-center.

Grouper in Garajau

T-Reef: (Boat trip 15 min.)
Also near Garajau is the reef at 12-30 meters and it offers excellent views with schools of barracudas, moray eels and manta rays.


And many more