Famous navy frigate "Corveta Afonso de Cerqueira"

Our signature wreck dive

As the most stunning wreck on the island of Madeira, this history filled frigate lays at a depth of 30 meters. Completely prepared for divers.

NRP Afonso Cerqueira (F488)

Construction Shipyards in Cartagena
Release March 16, 1973
Period of service June 28, 1975 to March 11, 2015

General features
Displacement 1380t
Length 85m
Propulsion 12,000hp
2 OEW Pielstick 12 Pc2.2 V 400 Diesel Engines
Speed ​​22 knots
Crew 7 officers, 14 sergeants

Day of the Sinking

The ship was sunk on September 4, 2018, south of Cabo Girão, off the island of Madeira, where the former NRP Afonso Cerqueira will fulfill its final mission, creating an artificial reef and providing a habitat for numerous marine species which will be his last garrison.

The former NRP "Afonso Cerqueira" (F488) was a corvette, class "Baptista de Andrade", of the Portuguese Navy. This class is still in the active with the sister-ship NRP João Roby.

Based in Lisbon, it had the function to carry out surveillance and rescue missions in the Azores, Madeira and the Portuguese Exclusive Economic Zone. Just as he performed national training exercises as well as international exercises with other naval forces.

The old corvette Afonso Cerqueira entered the service of the Navy on June 28, 1975. The operational life of the ship ended on March 11, 2015 with the lowering of the national symbols.

A short glimpse into the first after sinking dive by the navy divers, in which all safety measures are taken such as checking all explosives have activated. Few days after it was declared ready for divers.