Snorkeling with dolphins, whales and turtles.

Are dolphins, whales and turtles guaranteed?
Wildlife is not always predictable – that’s what makes it wild! We cannot guarantee that you will see dolphins, whales and turtles or other Wildlife on our tours. Our success rate for dolphins sightings per trip is 95%, for whales and turtles 60%.

Do you feed the dolphins?
No – All the dolphins in Madeira are wild and free and we do not manipulate or interfere their natural behaviors.

What dolphins are we going to see?
Most seen dolphins in Madeira are common dolphins, bottlenose dolphin, atlantic spotted dolphin and spinner dolphins.
However, we are not allowed to snorkel with bottlenose dolphin!

What happens if the dolphins don’t come over and interact with me?
Viewing dolphins in their world is truly a magical experience. It should be noted that wild open water dolphin swimming operations are not like that of an aquarium type atmosphere. Dolphins are generally very interested in swimmers, however, these are wild animals that are in total control of the situation and we are simply guests in their world. If the dolphins are not in the mood to interact with people, they may simply move on and swimmers should be aware there is the chance that they will not interact with them in the water. If that is the case, we will bring the swimmers back on-board for some awesome viewing from the boat. Please understand that it is the dolphins choice whether to interact with the swimmers and refunds cannot be given if the dolphins are “not interested” for whatever reason.

Do the Dolphins come really close?
It is completely dependent on the Dolphins and their mood. They are wild animals and we cannot control their behaviour. Sometimes they can come very close if they are seeking an interaction and other times they may just swim past in the distance for a quick look.

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