Our spots


up to 12meter n/a

We boasts a private reef directly in front of the Hotel. It has numerous canyons and caves which one can dive through while being home to many different types of fish. The reef is a prime location for fun, night and educational dives.

Wreck Corveta Afonso Cerqueira (F488)

↧ up to 30meter ☸ ~15min

Sunk in 2018 south of Cabo Girão, this former Portuguese Navy Frigate offers the ideal playground for all wreck diving enthusiasts! Another must dive site!

Garajau (Nat. Park)

↧ up to 30meter ☸ ~15min

The most emblematic dive-site of the Island hosts numerous types of fish in abundance. The area is protected since 1986 and is one of the "must" places to visit during your stay. Best chances to meet our friendly Groupers are here!

"Secret Agent Style" - DPV Scooter Dive

up to 14meter n/a

Starting right on our House-Reef we offer a thrilling and most of all unique Scooter Dive, where you will be able to cover a much larger area, and see parts of our private location hardly accessible in the length of a normal dive.

Wreck Pronto

up to 32meter ~5min

An old cargo ship which sank in 1929 lies on sandy bottom allowing for a historical steam-ship wreck experience, shy Dusky Groupers and good stock of Fish are usually adding to this deep-diving adventure.

T-Reef (Nat. Park)

up to 30meter ~10min

In the heart of the "Garajau" National Park lies our T-Reef, two pinnacles rise up to around 14 meters of depth, offering a vast variety of fishlife from Murray-eels to Barracudas. Definitely a highlight spot.

Club Naval

↧ up to 21meter ☸ ~5min

Numerous canyons at a maximum depth of 21 meters offer abundant aquatic life, good chance for Murray-eels as well as great smaller photography-friendly species.


up to 32meter ~45min

Historical 90m long wreck with plenty of fish.
After a tragic history 1989 on the river Thames in London it worked as a sand dredger around Madeira. It sunk in 1996 and sits upright perfectly placed for divers.

Arena (Nat. Park)

up to 30meter ~20min

Located inside of the "Garajau" National Park an underwater rock formation replicates a small "Arena", paired with a swim-through and good chance to find rays during summer months it is part of our selection.

Boat dives

With our very comfortable custom-made aluminium dive boat we can easily reach all the unique dive sites safely in short time.